Monday, July 26, 2010

Well Today We Did...

Well lovelies, today has been pretty uneventful so far, that it's almost sad. Rachel, Haley and I have voted for a do-nothing day it seems and while Haley's off volunteering, Rachel and I are left to occupy ourselves with Internet habits of our own. Exciting. I know.
So far today: pizza, and weird videos on YouTube of a kid who does not need to get high. He's hyper enough, hilarious and all but still, hyper.
Lacking inspiration lately. Sure I have ideas that I could easily put into good use but my mind capacity has been failing and glitching lately if you ask me so remembering is off the agenda it seems. Also a lack of materials and sewing-know-how seem to come into play. Why oh why was I cursed with this do-nothing summer syndrome?!
Sorry, rant, rant, rant, that's all we teenagers seem to do huh?
Well it looks like there's 24 minutes on the clock until the computer boots me off and the movie RENT is an extreme possibility that I've been dying to see now for month's. Knowing the songs but not knowing the story is a possible crime readers. And it's impossible to not go bat sh*t crazy when you have nothing to do when you really really really want something to do already!!!
Again with the ranting.
Possible items that are very likely to be made soon out of clothes that no one wants:
Beige Boyfriend Shorts with Haley's help, expertise, and sewing-know-how (no thanks to you mom... just kidding love you.)
Cotton Denim Shirt, the only problem is the color and the feel! and the length, and everything I love dearly about that other shirt I showed you in my wish list. I don't think you understand; I am in a desperate need of a closet blow out and clothing-self-expression therapy.
Lip stain and colored Sharpies might also come into my possession tomorrow, but I'm just not sure anymore due to the fact that I am not one to house money in my wallet for long... Cannolis however will definitely be housed in my stomach (YUMMY!)
Well reader's all I'm asking for is an art lesson, sewing know-how, and an entire new wardrobe nothing big.
Favorite Quote of the day so far:
"I need to get a job to help support my wardrobe." -Haley A.

*sigh* If dreams are supposed to come true, don't you think they should hurry the hell up every once in a while instead of leaving you waiting and driving you (my favorite phrase of the day) bat sh*t crazy?
Yeah that's what I wish.
Unfortunately life isn't fair.
Has anyone noticed that that saying alone was what caused that one sister in The Secret Life of Bees to kill herself? Got to be careful about that...
Odds are I'm going to make a list later about stuff I want and all that, maybe a Polyvore set with inspiration or something I don't know, just something to do would be nice.
From your loving ranting teenager with nothing to do and who is going bat sh*t crazy (you must be getting tired of that saying now)

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