Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lovely, Just Peachy

Well wasn't that just great? As I'm right in the middle of one Style Rookie post, the lights in my house flicker, and the screen goes blank except for the words Internet Connection No Longer Working. Please Diagnose Problem By Clicking Here. Technology today, so advanced and yet we still have trouble with it! Then I go into my room and see that my friend has finally returned my dress and sweatshirt I lent her with a little note apologizing which was nice of her, but that led me to realize that my canvas bag was wet which led to me realizing that my cat tipped over my water bottle onto the futton in my room getting some of my other things, including a spot on my 8th grade graduation certificate. I don't care if it is a piece of paper with some fancy scrall on it, it's sentimental. Then I head outside to retrieve my scooter to go to the library in town when it starts to rain and I start to haul it over here. Right as I get here, the sun comes out. Typical. But luckily I found Breakfast at Tiffany's on DVD so that's a definite plus! And now I'm writing all of this while hoping that my scooter doesn't get stolen and wishing that the people around me would please be quiet and that the guy next to me would quit watching me type like a maniac. The Up's and Down's but so far the Down's are working against me all of a sudden a little bit to happily. Ugh. I just want to go home eat some... I want to say nacho's (but I might be labeling myself as a chip and cheese freak) and watch my movie. No disruptions. Sigh. Only 22 more days until I leave for Seattle, HAPPY DAY!
P.S might post some pictures soon

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