Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brownies and Wii Night. Life is Good.

Yay! Managed to fix my Template and Layout AND I got to take some pictures for my Facebook and my blog. I'm quite proud of my photography, always have room for improvement of course. I think when I'm done writing this I'm going to move on to Polyvore to create the images for my fashion debate and will post them on here. Although lately I've been lacking viewer's and their comments it seems. It's a total buzz kill, I mean 50 followers will do really, 25 at the least, help a girl out here please?
Well anyway tonight I made brownies (although they were SUPER thick in the middle and thin on the outside. I don't know how to describe that. But they don't taste like the ones I make with my friend Arielle) and we had family Wii Night for a little while. Although in the middle of Archery on WiiResort, my controller was spazzing out and it was really making me mad. I guess it was annoying my dad too so then he started accusing me as the cause of the spazz, but then we realized that the batteries were low and we just blamed that for the cause of our mumbling and dirty looks.
Alright well let's see what's new in the world...
Bristol Palin is engaged to her baby's father again. I could seriously care less about that...
I guess filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows finished up on the 11th. Pretty excited for that, but I am unbelievably ,well , pissed that they pushed it back to November 19th (2 days after my birthday =]) but besides the point they did that with Half Blood Prince too. That was suppose to come out in November of last year then they pushed it to July. Now they've pushed this one from July to November. What the Heck Warner Brothers, What the heck.
Seattle in 15 days! Holy Crap!! My friend still has to go to her Girl Scout Camp thing from 9:30 to 2 but that's not that bad, and we have all of Sunday and Saturday together which is pretty awesome. I guess we're going shopping and tubing/boating. Two of many favorite things :)
And uh let's see there was something else.... Oh wait that's right: I START HIGH SCHOOL ON THE 23RD OF AUGUST! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clearly you can see my true excitement, but I'm also frightened I just don't know why... I can't wait to get my schedule though, see which of my friends are in my classes and who I have for teachers, all that Grand Ol' Stuff that we kids do every year. Only our excitement only lasts until we're done with the first day; by day two we're all back begging for summer. Admit it, you know that's how everyone feels.
Unless you actually have something worth being excited for at school, then I guess you can be happy after that. Which is why I'm looking forward to high school. I think it might even be a possibility that I will wake up at seven every morning this school year and be excited to go to school. Gasp.
That is probably an apocalyptic event.... Any who. I'm basically excited for my electives (Art, Spanish, and Chamber Choir!) and Literacy Two (tenth grade literacy) but other than that I'm either completely scared out of my mind or worried that something terrible is going to happen to me, say getting behind and freaking out, nothing big.
And Softball. Softball I'm always excited for.
Well that's that for tonight, doesn't look like I'm going on Polyvore though, it's 12:35 and I have a game tomorrow... or today. Whatever, I always get confused about that.
OH! Quick thing, the vision thing I described in a post a few days ago that was basically a letter to my dad asking to take me school shopping in the big city three hours away is now an event waiting to happen! Success. Wondering if that Tiffany's necklace is a possibility though; yeah didn't exactly mention that...
Things are definitely going to fast forward now that I've realized that summer is half over. Sniffle. God that statement is just, just, SO HORRIBLE. It's going to be like this: work, Seattle, work, shopping, school. And everything else in between.
Pictures, debates,  and a possible first look at the story I'm writing coming soon!!

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