Monday, July 05, 2010

To All the Broken Hearted Girls

She cried. She cried at night as she started to fall asleep, and she cried in front of the people she had sworn to never show weakness too. Her heart aches when she sees him walk down the street, and even then a trickle of water comes to her eye. She's always at a loss for words when she hears his name or when she has no other choice but to talk to him. If she had it her way, she would run. Far away, so far that she knows for sure that she will never have to see or hear of him again. The only problem is that her heart tells her to go back, and that he will always be a part of her until she learns to accept that he's never going to come after her. But she's always back to the same place; crying her eyes out with a carton of Brownie Ice Cream, letting her mascara run and not caring who sees her in this state of tragedy. Her friends know her pain and never bring it up, but sometimes it happens, whether it's an accident or curiosity, and they see the pain that strikes like lightning through her eyes, and although they will never know it, her heart aches as if it was breaking into millions of tiny pieces all over again. Words cannot describe it. But they all know in their hearts that they're all going to have to live through it some day, maybe more than once...
Something else they all know for sure?
They're not the only broken hearted girls in the world.


  1. I wonder who inspired this..? haha

  2. oh get over yourself lol jk :)