Friday, July 16, 2010

A Tiffany's Necklace for a Thank You Gift?!

My last REC league softball game before the tournament was today. We beat the opposing team 26 to 6, can you say HECK YES! Not much action for me tonight though. Caught a grounder by sliding on my knees (we wear pants) and launching it over to my relay. First time at bat I hit it with the count of 3 balls, one strike. It was a pop fly and the pitcher who also happens to be a friend I've known since I was three caught it, but then dropped it so I hauled it over to first. An amazing recovery if I do say so myself :) Then the second time I had the same count, but when I hit it as a perfect zip-line going right off the left side of center field, when the stinking short stop throws her glove up at the last second and gets me out and also the third out. I screamed halfway to first "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"
I was most displeased, that kind of accidental negative result towards me especially makes me want to hit that short stop with another zip liner. UGHHH.
During pre-game though I came to realize while discussing the topic of a Tiffany's necklace, that my friend has one! You don't understand: the friend I'm describing is a sophomore who goes a little heavy on the make up, black hair, not exactly lively at times but a total crack- up once you get to know her and still watches Pokemon. Not saying that's a bad thing but I'm just surprised she still likes it seeing how she's been watching it since she was... seven? Anyway, but the way she got it is just unbelievable. I know you didn't ask to tell me but this is my post so I'm going to tell you anyway. She got it through her mom's boss's wife as a thank you gift for watching their dogs! I mean what the heck?! That's a pretty elaborate thank-you gift if you ask me...
I'm just dying to have one of those necklaces when I go school shopping the week before it starts. Ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's having one has been a dream of mine that I'm hoping will come true once I get my chance.
Tomorrow... or well today (I should really quit writing these posts at midnight/one o' clock at night. Not only am I losing sleep but I fell like I'm confusing you, and me.) A group of friends and I are going up to jump off rocks and into the river. I've never been there before but it's suppose to be really fun :)
I'm waking up at 9 so I'd better go. Talk to you all tomorrow about my big adventure up river.

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