Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cops Showed Up at My Softball Game...

Well yesterday's agenda wasn't that jammed pack as it turns out because the whole pictures thing got skipped, and I can't do my fashion debate without it so.... my friend Audrey came over, and we were both thinking about making brownies but we had to travel for an hour to our softball game. The field there was so (in the words of my one friend) sketchy. It was a turf field; no dirt, just fake grass with those black rubber pieces in it and some lines permanently painted on. Those little black piece though were just...Ugh. I mean they get caught in your shoes, and I had one ball fly behind me and when I turned around to chase it (I play center field) it hit the ground and a bunch of black piece jumped up and hit my in they eye and mouth. Nasty stuff.
As for my title though let me explain: we had an issue with a bunch of soccer players (all of them were  guys who had to be upper class men in high school or freshmen in college I bet) and they kept walking through the field and the umpires had to keep calling time on the game. So the parents whose girls were playing on the opposing kept yelling at these people to get off the field. I mean don't get me wrong it annoying as heck to be standing in the outfield and having to yell at the same couple of people over and over to quit getting in the way and hearing them back talk to my head coach. They even "accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the infield so the umpire took it away from them and gave it to my friend Madie.
But the parents on the other team were just getting mad so easily and one of them even called the cops which is just crazy...
So I'm going to fast forward here. My second up to bat of the game I hit the ball into right field and got a triple (I could have gotten a home run... Oh well, but now I wish I had because...) but as I was sliding into home (this field was also really weird to slide on. UGH) my leading foot kept sliding so as I put my trailing foot underneath me instead of pointing down, it was pointing up and I was basically sliding on my foot, and once I got to home I couldn't get up and started balling I was in so much pain. It was horrible. I had to sit out for the rest of the game watching everyone else play. I have never been so frustrated. It feels better now today thank God, because I have a game tomorrow.
But while I'm sitting with the substitutes on the bench watching the rest of our team play in the field, I see a cop walking around the border of the field to go talk to the soccer players. I seriously could not believe that they had actually shown up for something so simple, it was both hilarious and "wow these people need to calm down" kind of thing.
Then we went out to pizza and Audrey slept over at my house and it was pretty funny. I guess it was too dark in my room for her and she kept complaining that she couldn't see her hand.
Audrey: Katie I can't see my hand!
Me (sleepily): Try slapping yourself.
*SLAP* Audrey: OW!... I still can't see my hand!
Me: Try again.
*SLAP* Audrey: OW!... I still can't see it!
Me: Try again.
(I think you can tell how this is going)
You might think I'm a bad friend but in all honestly she is like my sister and I was just trying to get her to shut up, it was like two in the morning so I was half asleep, and shut up wasn't working, so I was waiting for her to just stop talking.

A pretty interesting softball game though I have to say...

Today I have a stomach ache but it's starting to subside so I think picture taking is a definite possibility. Let's just see how the day is going I guess.

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