Sunday, July 11, 2010

Harry Potter Rant

Well today it got super rainy at about noon so I came home from the local market and had a movie marathon involving:
*Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
*Huge (TV series)
*Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
*Almost to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
*Hopefully I can get to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Yay almost to the part with the Yule Ball! That's probably my favorite part. Right now they're learning how to dance. Ahahahaha I love these movies.
"McGonagall: I will not have you in the course of a single evening besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling bumbling band of baboons.
Fred: Try saying that five times fast.
George: babbling bumbling band of baboons.
Fred: babbling bumbling band of baboons.
(back and forth practically arguing in hushed tones. Lol)

HA! Ron is dancing with Professor McGonagall (hahaha some guy just whistled.)
God I love these movies.
Okay I'm ranting now about the most pointless stuff. But yeah this is basically how my day is going, and I think it's entertaining.
Ha. Boys. They know so little about girls. Okay sorry.
Picture Time!!

Hahaha these poor losers. This is why you shouldn't wait about asking a girl to a dance... and make sure that your mother doesn't have hand-me-downs.

Emma Watson is so gorgeous. And take that Ron! (see above)
Okay well I'm through with my obsessions and self humor. Have fun with your lives, and Harry Potter Fans: Watch Harry Potter!
P.S Daniel Radcliffe is a very poor dancer in this movie.....
and Ron is still a clueless dumba$$
WAIT just found this on polyvore...
ignore the WTF part. this had me laughing for like five minutes though, I mean look at Ron's face.

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