Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dubbing this the Rebellion Era, what does this mean???

Well after watching The Runaways I came to realize that this pretty much the beginning of the Rebellion Era of my teenage life, that most likely started when I was 13, but now that I'm going into high school and just basically fed up with everyone giving me crap for the most random things that might mean something to me, I think this is my way of a self realization that I need to step up and say "If you don't like it" well the rest of that phrase is pretty self explanatory if you've seen the movie, but I prefer to not use coarse language on my blog, I have family and friends viewing it. Although for my fam and friends reading this, odds are they might be concerned about this sudden rebellion and it's nothing like that. I guess I just kind of realized that this another phase of "I'm turning into my own person" thing. Wear what I want with my own personal edge, change of music, change of scenery, change of attitude. It's more of a kick a$$, still myself attitude. I'm not going Goth or junkie or anything crazy like that, that would be just WAYYY over my head, so. I am however going to have a more definite image in my mind of what I have a say in. I mean sh*t who knows, maybe The Runaways had it right by going off and basically flipping off the world and doing the impossible. Minus their sketchy wardrobe and language, and everything else that went on (watch the movie you'll understand) I like the attitude their setting. "Tell me I can't do this or if you don't like something that I do, I'm going to say screw you and walk away." Not exactly friendly, but it's an attitude I think I'm taking up pretty quickly. You might see this as a negative way but I see this as a quote I saw on Haley's blog.
"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass."

-Maya Angelou
Alright so I'm revolutionizing my mentality. All Teens do. I see this as artistic, you might see this as "oh crap another teenager who thinks she owns the place."
Not necessarily like that but yeah close enough.
Hope this all makes sense, I'm just buzzed about this revolutionary beginning.
Still the same Katie, only with an edge :)
Oh yeah this is all basically due to the fact that RENT was cut off 2 hours in due to dinner and my sister telling me my outfit today was outdated. She doesn't even know about Coco Chanel's pant revolution or who Vera Wang is; I don't want to hear it. Especially from my stringy haired, hippie NOT Hipster dressed 11 year old sister. I'm not taking this crap, nuh-uh.
I figured out a two new hair styles I like on me too by the way, the one in the pictures I posted earlier today was not my favorite, most lifely my least favorite actually. But anyway.

P.S In The Runaways Dakota Fanning performs Cherry Bomb and I love it!! here's the YouTube video (yes her outfit is sketchy I've mentioned this!)
I'm going to add it to a different post because I don't know how to add it to this one.

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