Monday, July 05, 2010

Thinking at 1:16

Just relaized that it's 1:16 and I am still in my pajamas watching lame Disney Channel shows. Unacceptable. Something must be done. Two thinking about my writing options and ideas; so far that's looking pretty far down the road due to the fact that I can barely even think clearly. Waking up at 11 o'clock is not the best idea, even if it is summer.
Quote: "If everythings wet, is anything really wet? Like when your underwater, you're not really wet." -Max from Wizards of Waverly Place. That really makes you wonder, no? No? Yeah didn't think so. Back on to the more important things here:
Seriously due for a shopping trip that doesn't involve me only getting one shirt. Some LipStain and a thing of LipSmackers would be pretty handy too (thank you Haley). Still haven't eaten, the Internet is addicting after all. Nachos perhaps? I'm rambling now aren't I?
Sorry Nacho Break. Okay so right now I'm basically thinking about my to-do/bunch of random stuff list.
-Photoshoot possibly (most likely) when the light is right and when I'm at my mom's house.
-I need to learn how to sew
-Harajuku Lover's Bag. Odds are that I should just make a knock off one myself. If only I knew how to sew!
-Promised Kennedy I would share some of my writing with her via Facebook. Need to work on that
-Sample Writing for the Local News still
-Nachos+Joly Ranchers+Wavy Lays... does that sound healthy to you? That whole thing of blueberries I ate earlier has probably been weighed out by the fattie foods.
-Yellow Vans and a Cruiser Bike, my summer dream
-25 days until Seattle!!
Alright will post more (lists, poems, entries, stories, photos, what have you) soon.

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