Sunday, July 25, 2010

A lot more pictures here than I thought. It was a little hard to take this because the sun was right behind my fence and so it was blurring out behind me quite a bit. Then the thunder/rain clouds moved in, blocking my light out almost completely so I called it quits and went back inside. Now the sun is coming out but despite the gorgeous light, its wet outside so possibilities went down.
Outfit consists of white Mossimo tank, Circo jeans that my mom helped me cut a while ago, back when school was in session. Brown scrunch boots folded down to ankle booties from Rue21, navy headband from Target, and earrings I got for my14th from Arielle. The green bracelet I got is from Health Week at school that's against suicide. Anyway...
Well tomorrow is likely to be an MLIA day with pictures, ice cream, and Bohemia frenzy. Possibly Hipster, that's more Haley though.
Well I'm off to Polyvore Rant.

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