Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm in Seattle!!

Holy crap, after seven years I cannot believe that I am finally here! This is so surreal you have no idea! The drive here was insanely long, 17 hours of dozing off in the car, eating Reese's and Milky Ways, and playing the endless game of Bonkers in the car. Waking up at three in the morning was definitely worth it though, this is amazing to be back in the town I lived in when I was five, with my childhood and still best friend, Katie.
I was bouncing in my seat most of the time because I was so excited, but let me tell you something:
Don't go to Idaho. It's boring for like 327 miles or something like that and then Oregon looks exactly the same. Washington is worth going to because it's pretty.
Well today is looking sketchy because we were planning on going dock jumping except the weather is: COLD. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants (I do not look presentable for anything, lets put it that way) yet I'm still cold; so are Audrey and Katie, my two best friends. We have no idea what we're going to do today if it ends up being freezing all day (please weather, don't lie to me and say that it's going to be sunny) and we can't find a ride to the mall (we were thinking of switching shopping from tomorrow to today but) UGH. I only have three days here, I don't want to be stuck with a do-nothing day!!
Okay well I feel like I'm being rude not talking to Katie and all so I'll write later byeee!!

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