Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rafting, Bruce, and Hair

Holy crap today was so much fun, I'm still smiling about all the funny things that happened. It took us a while to get to the put in because mom kept forgetting where she was going and it was driving us nuts but we finally got there and soon enough we were in the water just floating along. Eventually I got bored and Haley and I jumped in the water and we just floated for a while, spazzing every now and then and freaking out whenever a rock was suddenly scraping against out butts. When we had to get back in the boat (even though I was perfectly fine!) my paranoid mother started screaming at me and pushed me away from the bow of the boat and I got hit by a rock in the hip. I'm still kind of mad.
Then we stopped for lunch and us kids decided that while we were waiting we would go upstream a ways and then float down. The only thing we didn't really take into account was that the bottom of the river was right there, cover by bumpy rocks that were covered in moss (hair). The first one we discovered was one the size of a dog that we started to pet and we have so named him Bruce. Yes. BRUCE.
Lots of laughs and we even got into a giant water battle with passing boats. When we finally got to the take-out, all the kids were exhausted and couldn't wait to leave. I was smart enough to recommend the idea of going to get a quick ice cream. Haley and I each got a giant cone of this bright blue ice cream that was called something like "monster cookie madness" or something like that but I just call it the Cookie Monster ice cream. True story.
Well now I guess I'm staying at my dad's another night and can hear the local "young adults" play at the park I live near. They're performing the musical Hair and my friend Bella is in it, but to be completely honest the plot was all scrambled up and they weren't using the original sound track. I went down there about 20 minutes ago. Also Berger was named Clyde. How confusing can they make the play. I didn't stay long, it really was not that good to be honest. I was going to try out but we don't have the money and I realized that they weren't using the soundtrack. The maturity level went down and I was really annoyed that they were messing up the songs. My friend did well though as far as I could tell.
Sorry for the harsh criticism but it's true...
Well that's all I really have to tell. I might not be writing for the next week due to the fact that I don't have Internet at my mom's and I'll be working at the music camp again. I'm kind of excited; the money I'm earning is going towards the money I'm bringing to the big city for school shopping before it starts. I have this all planned out. I'm trying to get clothes like this while I'm there but the only problem is that some of the shirts or pants are way out of my price range so knock offs for a cheaper price would be great too. Here's the outfits:

minus the thong sandals in the last one and the platter paint pink Vans in the second, I would buy all of these. Haley says that the denim shirt is out of style ("too eighties. everything from the eighties out") but I don't care; I want one. She said the same thing about the hat but that's just there. Also I already have a hat like that but it's at my friend's house. I'm not really sure if I'm ever going to get it back to be honest. And my bike is still at Naomi's. My stuff is all over town...
Haley said today that she likes all of these outfits though so I guess that's basically her blessing for me to be out of style and buy these clothes for school. I've got to say that it makes me feel kind of Hipster. Only I'm not Hipster, I'm Bohemian. Two different things...
The kid from Two and a Half Men is on Hannah Montana... poor guy. His career has been demoted to one of the worst shows of all shows. I used to like Hannah Montana... now she's 17, charade about her double life is up, and ever since she did the music video for Can't Be Tamed, I've had to seriously question her authority in the eyes of little girls.
Also this show is really loud and squeaky.
I like Selena Gomez. She's stylish, funny, and I think she's a much better role model. No offense to Miley. I mean odds are that they're both going to go really far in their careers, but I can see Selena Gomez going for the more humanitarian side of her career. I may be wrong but I don't know that for a fact so.
Well I think I'm going to move onto either Polyvore, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, or September Issue or Vanity Fair I rented from the library. Bye for the rest of the week and maybe longer I think... :(

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