Friday, July 09, 2010

Katie's Dictionary

Okay so yesterday I was trying to describe Bohemian in my own words and then I said something about maybe making up a post that is titled Katie's Dictionary and say all these meanings for a few words. So last night after Breakfast at Tiffany's and retiring to my "room" (it's hardly self explanatory of my personality which is just...Ugh. Anyway) I came up with some definitions to words. Here It goes:
Katie's Dictionary
Boy: opposite of a girl only they don't understand us. annoying at times, but when we need them we love them, its as simple as that.
Mom: the woman who knows everything about you because she hauled you around for nine months so it's like telepathic and she loves you to death.
Dad: tells you things Mom would never. For girls: buy you things and make sure no stupid boy will break you heart. For boys: teach you how to be a man and how to treat a woman on a date. Loves you to death in his own fatherly way
Girl: holds up half the sky and unique in every way
crush: infatuation (see infatuation)
infatuation: being hypnotized by your mind by making you think your in love with some one
love: the closest thing to magic on Earth
best friend: partner in crime who makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. All he good memories seem to be with this person
rain: the sky is crying
tears: words your heart can't say
Immortality: Teen Age Years (Immortal equals teenager)
Victoria's Secret: Bras 'R Us
Mocha Frappucciono: liquid energy
books: mini adventures
make-up: beauty amplifier (keep in mind too much will make you look like well, a sl*t
friends with benefits: people who can't commit
Lazy Day: 1. wrapped in a blanket on a rainy days watching movies or reading a good book 2. no make-up, hair in a loose ponytail, walking around your house in your pajamas
chocolate: inexpensive therapy
Dream: 1. soon to be reality 2. an escape
slow dance: Three minutes or perfect bliss in the arms of someone who cares
Classy Night Out: bothering to put on the killer heels and the literally breath taking dress to impress someone
Little Black Dress: The second that dress comes on, talk, walk, and act with as much class as Audrey Hepburn without totally ripping off her trade mark. Understand?
Diary: memory keeper and trusted friend
Photographs: Self-Expression or a Frozen Memory

Well That's basically it for now. If you want me to describe a word please just leave the word ina comment and I'll be happy to describe it :) Thanks

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