Monday, July 12, 2010

2:48pm- In my pajama's watching midgets handle guns... Allow me to explain

Well the one thing I said I wasn't going to do today, of course, I am going. I'm sitting on my couch in my pajama's doing absolutely nothing but switching off from Polyvore to Facebook to Blogger, paying no attention what-so-ever to the TV until my dad pointed out that there were midgets on the TV (The Little Couple on TLC). I started watching as Bill was handling a gun and Jen was taking a self defense class. I've got to tell you that watching her react to the simulation (the instructor picks her up so she starts flailing her limbs and yelling no) was kind of... weird. I mean just for the record in a life threatening situation like that, I don't think you would start laughing and cracking jokes. I know it's just a class but I mean seriously? Now Bill's practicing shooting the gun. At first I've got to admit I thought he was going to stumble backwards but he's got a pretty good aim I suppose.
Now TLC is on to Say Yes to the Dress (a.k.a one of my favorite shows ever!) but not I'm getting a little annoyed with myself for doing nothing but the exact same thing I'm doing now for the past few days. You reader's are probably getting bored so I'm pretty sure you can't imagine how I must feel. Honestly I just feel like going to see Eclipse for the second time (first time I saw it at midnight with 11 of my friends. SO MUCH FUN!) but just for the sake of seeing it, I wouldn't mind.
Well right now I'm thinking mostly about Seattle. Just realized that my friend who lives there got signed up for being an aid at Girl Scout Camp the week we're suppose to visit and she has no idea what time it runs from so now I'm like begging Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Mayan God, any God you can imagine to make sure that she's unsigned up so that way we can still come visit (if my friend isn't there we don't visit, and I'm telling you if this trip gets cancelled, I will be in my room for two plus days balling my eyes out.)
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...
Also the chocolate milk I just made with Nesquick tastes like chocolate syrup and it's a little bit sickening (at least I'm honest).
OOOHHHHH! DC Cupcakes premieres Friday Night. You've been warned :P
This couple on Say Yes to the Dress is cracking me up, and they have excellent taste in dresses.
Grace: I think this is an extremely definite maybe.
This other group however is just a bunch of girls there to play dress up which is a complete waste of Keisha's (the consultant's) time. of the girls just described the dress as: You look like a floating cupcake.
Enough said: They should leave.
I'm rambling. Sorry!
Still working on my fashion analysis post. I just realized that I still have to go get my stuff from my mom's house, so I'll get my camera from there and I think a decent post is slowly forming...
I have way to much free time on my hands....

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