Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adventures are the Best when they're so Out There

The do-nothing day turned into a hilarious almost epic fail.
Rachel, Haley and I decided to go to a bakery a few minutes from the library, where we hatched an idea for a silent, black and white, horror film. The murder mystery is titled The Futon, and although we spent three hours shooting bloopers, behind-the scenes, photos for the credits, and the actual film, we have a possible three minutes of live footage, that is both incredibly cheesy and funny. We're doing final edits on Thursday I believe and I might post it here, but no promises. The photos though are likely.
After Rachel left, Haley, my sister, my sister's friend and I raced each other down to the mini grocery store. Obviously, Haley and I won. Then we resulted to interesting conversation over a flank steak dinner and watching movie trailers on the laptop. I've got to say that Vampires Suck is definitely a parody on Twilight, and although I am a fan of both the movies and books, I might have to see it because it looks like the same people who made the Scary Movies and unless you don't have a sick sense of humour then I might recommend it (I don't know if that makes sense so let's put it this way: if you do have a sick sense of humour then I might recommend it... just thought I'd clear that up).
And with Haley sleeping over, naturally that means that we're going to have to do something completely random and genuinely out of public character for us. So instead of preparing the futon for Haley to sleep on, we decide to use the blue sheets like that parachute you'd run under when you were five, and then put it on our heads screaming "RAWR!" and that's how we became the Blue Chinese Under the Sheet Club Fort ("You're not allowed in!!") my 11 year old sister and her friend were screaming at us for being ourselves. Heehee :)
Then we moved on to the secrets and wonders of the world and our views on the matter, and some promises were made that will hopefully be kept throughout our lives... oh dear God, I'm spacing on what the promises were!!!!!!!! AH!!
...I'll worry about that later. Then as for today, we woke up to my cell phone screaming "ARE YOU READY?!" at us, telling me that it was time to get ready to go shopping with my friend Shay. Unfortunately, having a major shopping spree is set for Seattle and the big city I live three hours away from in the not too distant future, so I only brought fifteen dollars with me thus leading to the three dollar shirt bargaining technique. I was shooting for Lip stain and an assortment of colored Sharpies for my and Haley's case (is that even proper, my and Haley?) for the future, but some how neither one came into my possession. Sadly.
Seven dollars for lip stain my a$$.
The Sharpies on the other hand were $20 for like... 20 pens? Maybe 30. I also saw this Harajuku Lover's binder that I really wanted to get, but at that point of the spree I had two dollars left so...
But! I got possibly the greatest bargain of my lifetime!

Do you see this shirt here? Yes, it is both adorable and for a few weeks now I have come to realize that I've been just dying to get my hands on one. The issue? The Polyvore starting price is: $295. The price just makes your heart bash against your ribs and you get a short of breath. You might even get that thought in your head:
"$295?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!"
No voice in my head I am not lying to you, but read further for the possible steal of a lifetime!
I show up at PacSun, walk right up to the girl at the counter and say "Do you have any cotton denim shirts?" Expecting a no, I am surprised to hear "Yeah actually there's two of theme on sale for five dollars. FIVE. DOLLARS.
I'm thinking in my head holy sh*t, they actually have them! but I'm holding my breath, waiting to see the sight of this (see above) glorious shirt. (see how much more dramatic I'm making this than it has to be?)
And then: she hands them to me.
One is a darker shade of blue and longer as far as I can tell. The other is a light color, soft on the eyes, and looks like it would be a dream to have on your skin.
I tried the darker one on first and immediately hated the contrast of the navy and my pale, Irish skin together. Also because the roll up cuffs are squishing the hell out of my elbows, and I feel like I'm losing feeling in my arm. (I'm not over exaggerating on this one funny enough.)
Then I pull on the faded one. It takes a while to re-roll the undone cuffs, but eventually I succeed. And instantly I'm in love with this shirt; this innocent five dollar that I feel like was made for me, just waiting for me.
I just realized now that the shirt I have and the shirt in the picture are exactly the same, minus $290. I am still buzzed about finding this shirt! I also realized that the original price of the shirt went from $40 to $20 to $15 then down to five. Let's pause for a quick hell yes here.
Then we moved on to other stores that were over priced and no interest to me, then off to lunch. Best pizza in the valley with a cannoli (me and Shay's tradition).
Then I was on my home via bus. Writing was attempted but quickly dropped. Shaking bus plus pen in hand on paper equals a No-no.
For dinner we decided to have a movie night. We ordered The Runaways featuring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning (one of my favorite actresses. Quick note: there was a girl at the music camp I work at who looks just like Dakota as a little girl! Blew. My. Mind.) but it took my dad two minutes into the movies to realize it was rated R so we quit watching but luckily I get to watch it before the rent timer goes up because I really want to see it but my sister is allowed so.
We ended up watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. So. Confusing. I'm not sure if it's a movie I'd recommend; Heath Ledger turns into Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Ferrel (or is it Firth...?) Also the plot is really unclear and I still haven't figured it out. The end especially is hard to follow because you have no idea what the hell is going on.
Well that's it for 26th and 27th, all in all pretty exciting for though do-nothing days. I really should be journaling now but I love blogging it's just so entertaining :)
Listening to The Girl Next Door by Saving Jane and thinking about a vignette I came up with earlier. Definetly going to shoot some pictures of my new shirt and sunglasses that I found hiding on the bookcase in my living room at my dad's. They're a little big seeing how they're my dad's, and they kind of seem big for my face, but they're aviators and they're pretty B.A so what the heck. Kind of bumming about the Lip stain, Sharpies, and binder still though... me and my wants/needs gah...
Basically 2 days and a wake-up until Seattle!! :D The excitement is over whelming!!
Well I'm off to get a glass of water, and some sleep. Night all....

P.S Oh yeah I said this to my dad yesterday as I was leaving the house to go hang out with Haley.
"Well I'm off to destroy the world, don't worry I'll be back by dinner." (the look on his face is puzzled) "Don't worry I'll miss the house." (the look on his face was priceless.) Lol well that's it. If you don't think it's funny, well you had to be there, I think I've said that before... there's this weird rhythmic tapping noise (almost musical) and I don''t know where it's coming from but it sounds like it's from outside and it's freaking me out!...Night!

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